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“She Means Business” Spring 2017 Graduation

Last month, we wrapped up our second session of the intensive financial literacy course for women- “She Means Business.” The 8-week course was made possible by local female professionals who volunteered their time teaching about the financial topic in which they specialize- including Kathleen Barlow, Judy Hanley, Kasey Ring, Kristal Bowman Carter, Kammra Montgomery and Lindsey Powers. Participants learned about important financial concepts like budgeting, saving, credit, planning for retirement, mortgages and home-buying.


Kathleen Barlow, a Financial Advisor with Raymond James, co-developed the program with Habitat staff in response to the disproportionate poverty levels in single women, especially single parents and elderly. Executive Director, Shellie Barrus explains, “When we examined the census results, we realized that a surprising number of women in our community were being thrown into poverty when their lives took an unforeseen turn, whether it was a divorce or the death of a partner. It was such a diversion from the general perception around wealth in our area. Our goal is to teach women to plan and prepare for any situation.”


The results from our first session were tremendous, and we anticipate the same from the most recent session. Four months after completion, 100% of our first session participants reported the following:

  • Improved knowledge about budgeting, saving and investing;
  • Better understanding of mortgages and the home buying process;
  • Improved knowledge about planning for retirement;
  • Increased access to tools and resources for improving financial health.

Additionally, three of our first nine participants have since purchased homes- all are single, and two are also parents of small children. Two of the purchases were traditional sales, and one was an affordable Habitat home.


The improved knowledge and skills result in changes beyond the individual students, and can benefit their families for generations. Lindsey Powers, a Branch Manager for America First Credit Union in Park City, says “As a volunteer, I have seen first-hand the impact of Habitat’s education and advocacy work.” It is easy to see how financial stability can result in improved health, education and wealth outcomes. We look forward to continuing to grow this program, and making a deep and lasting impact on the hard-working women in our community.


AmeriCorps in Our Community

Changing homeowners’ lives in a neighborhood near you!


For the past four weeks, AmeriCorps NCCC “Green Two” team has been hard at work tackling home improvement projects that Habitat for Humanity had on their agenda for summer season. The team of 9 college-age AmeriCorps team members has had the opportunity not only to see the unique qualities and geography of our community, but also have a better understanding about who they’re serving and how important affordable housing is.


So far, the team has completed three projects in the Summit and Wasatch counties. One of them consisted of a major cleanup project for an elderly disabled couple, a veteran and his wife, led by team members Xan O’neil, Michael Shim and Skylar Wirth. The senior citizens have lived in their Summit County home for over 30 years; they are both restricted to wheelchairs, so managing things on their own has become a daunting task. Luckily, Habitat and AmeriCorps were able to help! Habitat and the AmeriCorps team worked on site for 3 days to help with some deferred maintenance, and even partnered with ASSIST, a non-profit architectural and design organization in Salt Lake City, to obtain plans for two new wheel chair ramps.


According to team member Eddy Acosta, their placement with Habitat has been unique compared to prior assignments because different team members have had the chance to take on leadership roles as project managers. Habitat loves being a host site for AmeriCorps NCCC, whose goal is to strengthen communities and develops leaders through direct, team-based national and community service. The AmeriCorps NCCC Green Two team will be with us for another two weeks, and we are confident that they will continue making a lasting, positive impact on Summit and Wasatch Counties! We look forward to sharing more about their accomplishments.


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“Ladies Night” with Tomboy Tools Gallery

Ladies Night with Tomboy Tools was a great success! A lot of skis were spared from the landfill, and repurposed into unique winter coat racks.


Welcome Americorps NCCC Team!

Habitat is thrilled to announce the arrival of our 2017 AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team.
The team of 10 college-age NCCC members, who hail from Arizona to New York, will be volunteering with Habitat for 6 weeks this summer to help with home repairs and community outreach. This is the 4th NCCC team that Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties has hosted, and they will be following up on the work of the 2016 team that conducted a rooftop survey on the condition of nearly 1,000 homes.
This busy team will be working all over Summit and Wasatch Counties helping with repairs for low to moderate-income homeowners, with a special focus on veterans, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. They will work Tuesday through Saturday in the community, and live on a modest budget in the tradition of all AmeriCorps programs. While these teams often camp during their service projects, employee housing will be provided through the generous support of Deer Valley Resort.
AmeriCorps NCCC teams are based on the model of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s, to strengthen communities and develop leaders through team-based community service with non-profits. Park City is the fourth stop for this particular NCCC team, who has also spent time in Louisiana, Oregon, and California. Their projects have ranged from FEMA flood disaster relief, to preservation and restoration of native species in wild spaces. While they do not choose their destination cities, they have committed 10 months of their lives to selflessly helping others in the communities where they are sent.
Please watch for these fantastic young people when you’re out in the community, and let them know how much we appreciate their support in our beautiful mountain town. If you know of someone who may qualify for a repair project, please call (435) 658-1400 or Contact Us
To learn more about the AmeriCorps NCCC program, visit: the AmeriCorps website.


Meet our 2017 AmeriCorps Green 2 Team!


Gia Wadle

Gia Wadle | Green 2 Team Leader | Lakewood, Colorado

Why did you join AmeriCorps? To do something meaningful after college.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Travelling all over to new places.

What are you going to do after this? Hopefully get a job in the non-profit sector.

Favorite Food? Candy

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Throw them away!


Eddy Acosta

Eddy Acosta | Green 2 Team | Manhattan, New York

Why did you join AmeriCorps? I felt like growing up, I took a lot for granted. I wanted to give back to communities and people.

What has been your favorite experience so far? My second round, working at a rehabilitation center.

What are you going to do after this? Go to school in upstate NY. Transfer to University of Albany SUNY, and major in sustainable energy.

Favorite Food? Mangos

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Throw them away!


Sarah Yang

Sarah Yang | Green 2 Team | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why did you join AmeriCorps? I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduated from my undergrad. I am passionate about working and volunteering with my community, so I wanted to expand my experiences.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Traveling and seeing new places, as well as working with different organizations.

What are you going to do after this? Hopefully, (fingers crossed) I am able to land a job working with youth before I leave.

Favorite Food? Pho and Ice Cream!

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? TRASH!


Michael Shim

Michael Shim | Green 2 Team | Ellicot City, Maryland

Why did you join AmeriCorps? To travel across the country and volunteer in communities that I have never engaged before.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Definitely working with the Johnson Creek Watershed Council. The learning opportunities presented to me and my group while in Oregon was great.

What are you going to do after this? After the program, I will try and find work in a museum or look for opportunities in my area back home.

Favorite Food? Kimchi Stew

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Donate them, or use them again, maybe even use them in an art project or preserve them for my memory in the future.


Alexandra O'Neil

Alexandra O’Neil | Green 2 Team | Ithaca, New York

Why did you join AmeriCorps? To travel the country, meet new people and do things before getting a grown up job.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Working the Catalina Conservatory Island Ball

What are you going to do after this? Take some time to relax and visit friends before finding a job.

Favorite Food? Pizza

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Keep them until they can’t be worn anymore and then turn them into planters!


Heather Humphrey

Heather Humphrey | Green 2 Team | Denver, Colorado

Why did you join AmeriCorps? My college was big on service to others and instilled a passion for service into me. Once I heard about AmeriCorps I wanted to give a year to service and get a chance to travel a bit before getting into graduate school.

What has been your favorite experience so far? When working with Bear Yuba Land Trust in Grass Valley, CA we got the chance to do some invasive species removal and trail maintenance on some beautiful property. Being outside working breathtaking parks was unbelievable even though the work was tough.

What are you going to do after this? I am planning to do another year of environmental service with AmeriCorps Student Conservation Association or American Conservation Experience and then go back to school to get my PhD in Ecology.

Favorite Food? A big juicey burger and maybe some mac and cheese on the side.

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Seeing as how I have to make it home with all the stuff I have accumulated over the past 10 months and somehow fit it all into the same duffel bag that I came here in, they might have to be thrown in the trash. The boots will unfortunately, always be in my memories however.


Bryn Hudson

Bryn Hudson | Green 2 Team | Tucson, Arizona

Why did you join AmeriCorps? I joined to make a positive difference in communities, to travel the country, and to develop relationships with a diverse set of people.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Driving across the country with my team for 5 days was hilarious. I’ve also enjoyed traveling and exploring new places.

What are you going to do after this? I plan on studying History at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Favorite Food? Pasta and Breakfast

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? I plan on keeping them for yardwork and volunteering more in the future.


Skylar Wirth

Skylar Wirth | Green 2 Team | Howley, Pennsylvania

Why did you join AmeriCorps? I joined AmeriCorps because I wanted to travel, see new things, and help people.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Driving cross country to Louisiana

What are you going to do after this? I’m going to go to college back in Pennsylvania.

Favorite Food? Bananas

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Chuck em’


Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark | Green 2 Team | Louisville, Kentucky

Why did you join AmeriCorps? To serve in communities.

What has been your favorite experience so far? Getting to travel by van from Sacramento to Baton Rouge.

What are you going to do after this? Get a job and start college.

Favorite Food? Chicken Fried Rice

After this, what are you going to do with your iconic boots? Keep them just in case.



“Ladies Night” with Tomboy Tools

Join us for “Ladies Night” with Tomboy Tools!
Come learn about Tomboy Tools, make your own ski coat rack, and enjoy some “mocktails” and appetizers.
Tuesday, June 13, 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Habitat for Humanity ReStore
6280 Silver Creek Drive, Park City, Utah 84098
Call 435-487-9015 or RSVP Below