Brewed for a Good Cause

Why Shelter

Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Hugo Coffee of Park City to create three custom coffee blends.

Claudia McMullin, the owner of Hugo, has always been a friend and supporter of local nonprofits. Not only is the locally roasted coffee delicious, but proceeds from the Habitat brews sold will benefit families served by our affordable housing programs. 


Habitat House Blend
House Blend | Bright, Sweet, Playful
Different, exciting and aggressive, it’s not the “normal” coffee sitting in your cabinet right now. It’s lightly roasted to leave in more of the beans’ natural flavors and more of the caffeine. What is coffee? What can it be? Take this Costa Rican/Brazilian blend home and begin the journey. As its name suggests and in the tradition of coffee’s third wave, Habitat’s House Blend is an edgy blend designed for the adventurous coffee explorer.


Builder's Choice
Builder’s Choice | Dark Fruit, Creamy, Baker’s Chocolate
Comprised of our unique blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans with nice tannic acidity, Builder’s Choice is tasty, dependable and pleasing. Pour it to everyone’s satisfaction, and make an extra pot while you’re at it because they’ll be back for more. A bold and round coffee built for everyone’s cup. Rich flavor. Big mouth feel. The staple of what coffee is.



ReStore Roast Decaf | Full-Body Joy
Designed for those who love the taste and ritual of coffee, but are done with caffeine for the day. Thoughtful bean selection, a unique natural decaffeination process, and careful roasting yield a delightfully strong decaf without the typical burnt, smoky, chemical decaf taste. Relax, rejoice, repeat. With caramel, coca and banana bread flavors, this intensely palatable coffee just happens to be decaf.