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Snow Family Building Contest POSTPONED

Snow Family Building Contest

There is one true enemy to snowman-building snow:


Sadly, there is rain in the forecast too close to our event, and we have decided to postpone the Snow Family Building Contest until next winter.

Thank you to all our volunteers, sponsors, partners, schools, PTOs, churches, temples, businesses and organizations who went out of their way to help make what would have been an amazing event.

We are deeply grateful for all of your support of Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties, and of this event.



Habitat for Humanity SWC will host a Snow Family Building Contest Friday, March 11.

Our inaugural Snow Family Building Contest takes place Friday, March 11 from 2:00 - 5:00 PM at Willow Creek Park. Grab your kids, grandkids, friends and make a team to build the best snow sculptures ever! Registration is open now, so sign up your team for a fun, friendly competition and family-oriented event!

Music, food and fun activities available to everyone for free. Spectators can vote for the Audience Choice Award!

Habitat for Humanity SWC is proud to welcome Cotopaxi on board as the lead sponsor of the event.

Looking for the local or "loca" ;-) discount?


Use this code to get your registration for free!

As a farewell to winter, and a nod to the fact that winter never ends in February, Habitat for Humanity decided to hold a snowman building contest this March, when the local snow is the heaviest, and most packable.

We are looking for snow family members of all types - snowmen, snowwomen, snow cats & dogs, snow boys & girls. Teams have to build a family of at least two members, and each snow sculpture only has to be 12 inches tall to qualify!

The contest will likely favor those who sign up and plan ahead, since the rules allow things like bringing a bag of your own loose snow and using forms to help shape the sculpture. 

The event is Sponsored by Cotopaxi, and our partners include Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and the Park City Habitat ReStore.




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