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Declutter with Habitat’s ReStore

Though spring cleaning is often most associated with bleach and glass cleaner, scrubbing and dusting, many also use the time to declutter their homes of items they no longer use. While the task can seem overwhelming, a room by room spring cleaning checklist can make the decluttering process much more manageable.

This checklist is designed to help you break your decluttering process into bite size chunks. Completing each room before moving on to the next will give you a motivating sense of accomplishment at multiple stages during the decluttering process.

The three box method

The three box method is a great way to organize your decluttering process. As you go from room to room, take three boxes or large containers labeled “Donate,” “Keep” and “Trash/Recycle.” For larger items, place sticky notes labeled with the same three categories. Removing all items in every room and sorting them into boxes also presents a fantastic time to tackle a thorough deep clean of your house.

Benefit your community

In addition to providing you with a clean and organized home, we see indirect benefits of spring cleaning at Habitat for Humanity ReStores every day from those boxes marked “Donate.” When those donated items are sold, someone in your community gets to give your item a second life for a great price. An even further benefit is that the proceeds from the sale go towards helping a family build affordable, decent housing.

We’ve also provided a partial list of items accepted at the ReStore for each room to help you know what items from your home can be donated. Print out an abbreviated version of the Declutter spring cleaning checklist PDF to take with you from room to room.

Declutter: A simple spring cleaning checklist for every room


  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands


  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators
  • Other appliances


  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Rugs
  • Bookcases


  • Bricks
  • Pavers
  • Doors
  • Lumber
  • Windows
  • Paint
  • Tools
  • Light Fixtures
  • Building Materials

For ReStore contact information, directions or hours of operation click here.

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