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Honoring the Legacy of Habitat's Most Famous Volunteer - Jimmy Carter

Habitat for Humanity Most Famous Volunteer Jimmy Carter

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's legacy goes back almost half a century. His environmental contributions are as much a part of his legacy as his widespread volunteerism with Habitat for Humanity

The former president began volunteering with the organization in 1984 during a build in Americus, GA. Later that year, he, his wife Rosalynn, and a few volunteers they recruited assisted the organization in New York City.

He walked by the work site and realized they were short on volunteers. The selfless act contributed to 19 families having apartment housing. 

Before that, Carter used his time as the United States' 39th president to advocate new environmental laws. With his contributions to Habitat for Humanity, Carter has one of the most selfless legacies in American history.

Keep reading to learn more about his contributions. 

Jimmy Carter and the Carter Work Project

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife have been strong voices for affordable housing for almost four decades. Their endeavors have expanded around the globe alongside Habitat for Humanity. 

They've worked alongside over 100,000 volunteers in at least fourteen countries. Their efforts have helped provide housing and home repairs to families who otherwise wouldn't be able to gain or sustain homeownership. 

It's estimated that Jimmy Carter contributed to at least 4,300 homes.  

Resiliency and Commitment

Carter's legacy also speaks to his resiliency. Back in 2019, former President Jimmy Carter, at the age of 95, fell during a home build. He sustained an injury requiring fourteen stitches, leaving him with a bruised eye.

The mishap didn't stop him from honoring his commitment for the following day. To the surprise of many, he arrived in Nashville ready to lend a hand at the following site.

His resiliency that day matched his commitment to the organization he had maintained since the 1980s. 

Solving Environmental Issues

Creating sustainable housing for everyone involves new environmental laws and eco-friendly solutions. During his presidency, Jimmy Carter's ecological contributions included implementing the Department of Energy.

He used his executive power in Alaska to save 56 million acres of public land by using the 1906 Antiquities Act. His love for Alaska continued long after his term as president.

In 1988, Carter wrote his memoir, "An Outdoor Journal: Adventures and Reflections." In the book, he discusses the importance of preserving the earth for future generations. 

His eco-friendly projects during his presidency included installing solar panels at the White House. 


Regarding legacy, former President Jimmy Carter will be remembered as many things. The list includes a humanitarian, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize twice, and a selfless volunteer.

His contributions to Habitat for Humanity are cemented in the fibers of every home he touched. He motivated many people to join our volunteer ranks and helped make the road to homeownership easier for many people.

We are always in need of support to continue the work we do. If you would like to continue the legacy, please click here to learn more about the various opportunities to give back to your community.


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