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Educational Programs Overview

In an effort to prepare people for financial stability and ultimately homeownership, we offer the following educational workshops:

  • Overview of Habitat programs & affordable housing opportunities in the community
  • Homeownership 101
  • The Basics- budgeting and saving
  • The in’s and outs of your credit score and general banking services
  • The mortgage process and local affordable housing options
  • Savings & retirement planning, and investing basics

Workshops are generally 30 minutes to 1 hour, and can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique audience or individual. For more information or to schedule a workshop or one-on-one counseling, please contact us

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Free Upcoming Workshops

HUD Certified First-Time Homebuyer Workshops

None are scheduled at this time. Please check back for updates or sign up here to receive an email with the new dates.



She Means Business! Women's Financial Literacy

Our next She Means Business series is ready to go!

A 5-week course specifically designed to help women become more financially self-reliant.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning about how to manage finances, at any level, register for our class!
This class is focused on helping women and is for ADULTS ONLY.

ATTENDANCE AT EVERY CLASS IS REQUIRED and every class has dinner provided. 

Each Class Builds On The Others - For The Best, Most Life Changing Experience Please Plan On Coming To Every Class! 
Advance registration is required. SPACE IS LIMITED! Register by Monday April 20th to reserve your spot!


Class is from 6pm to 8pm and cover the following topics:

April 29: Intro to Course and Identifying Your Money Story
May 6:   Starting with the Basics – Budgeting, Savings & Financial Goals
May 13: The Basics of Investing & Local Affordable Housing Options
May 20: The Ins and Outs of Credit & The Mortgage Process
May 27: Workshop Celebration, Vision Boards & Graduation

To register, go to She Means Business Registration!


For this past series of She Means Business, our financial workshops for women, we had 12 wonderful women graduate!
Here are some reviews from women who have completed this course:

“Highly suggest taking this class – if you want to learn more about personal finance and how to make money work for you... I had a good grasp on my finances, but each class I would walk away with a few tips that made so much sense to me, and made me wonder how I didn’t know that before. I think this class is great for anyone who is at all curious about finance. It isn’t made for one type of person- I think anyone would learn from attending.”

Class takeaways:

--I updated by 401K to invest in a fund with better expense ratio, and learned more about rates of return.

--I learned about other options for savings accounts and moved money into an account with a much higher APY%.

--I learned about investing techniques and was given great advice for what would work for me now and later in life. I now have reliable and easy to understand sources for investing.

--I have signed up for ELLVEST and have invested some money into the ETF stocks/bonds. I would have never done (or felt comfortable) doing this without having taken the class. I learned a lot about investing money and the right places to do it – depending on how much you have and the risks/gains.

--I feel more in control (rather than a bystander to my own income)

--I now understand what my monthly spending has been in the past, which I had never looked into. Even though I haven’t developed a budgeting process yet for myself, it is nice to know that if circumstances ever change, I have the knowledge of how I am spending my money.