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Our education program goes hand-in-hand with our home build and repair programs for which we are best known. In an effort to prepare people for financial stability and ultimately homeownership. Habitat offers a variety of FREE workshops. Topics include :

  • Overview of Habitat programs & affordable housing opportunities in the community
  • Homeownership 101
  • The Building Blocks of Financial Health: budgeting, spending and saving
  • The ins and outs of your credit score and general banking services
  • The mortgage process
  • Savings and retirement planning
  • Investing basics


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Affordable Housing How To

Next session, May 21 in English and Spanish.

2024 Calendar

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  • Summit County government
    Summit County government
  • Wells Fargo
  • Eccles Foundation
    Eccles Foundation
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundaiton
    Sorenson Legacy Foundaiton
  • Lease Corporation of America
    Lease Corporation of America
  • Sunrise Rotary Club
    Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Summit Sotheby's
    Summit Sotheby's
  • Williams
  • America Express
    America Express
  • Rocky Mountain Power
    Rocky Mountain Power
  • Park City Muni
    Park City Muni
  • Vacasa
  • America First AFCU