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Housing affects on health


Safe and healthy housing

Healthy air quality

The first stage in building healthy housing is addressing key indoor air quality issues in the design and construction process. Habitat home construction addresses moisture and mold, proper intentional ventilation, radon, and carbon monoxide.


Maintaining healthy air quality

Additional healthy indoor air quality issues like the ones below can only be addressed by homeowners themselves:

The effects of second-hand tobacco smoke on family members.

The impact of household pesticides and harsh chemicals on water sources and general health.

The proper maintenance of a home to reduce its impact on asthma sufferers.

Read more here:

EPA information about Indoor Air Quality

Healthy House Institute


Lead safety

While most Habitat housing is new, sometimes we rehabilitate older housing. If the housing was built before 1978, this practice may expose construction workers and homeowners to lead from lead-based paint.

EPA information about Lead in Paint, Dust and Soil


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