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How ‘Home Is the Key’ Opens Doors to Help Families Thrive

How ‘Home Is the Key’ Opens Doors to Help Families Thrive

Each April, Habitat for Humanity spotlights the importance of equitable homeownership and building inclusive communities with our Home Is the Key campaign. This is our eighth year of raising awareness and funds for this important initiative. Because every child deserves a safe, stable place to live and grow up, and every adult deserves a decent home they can afford.

Finding an affordable home improves the lives of the people living in it and the community around them. We all benefit from making homeownership more accessible to everybody, but not everyone has the same opportunities to find a permanent home. 

With the support of the Habitat community, we can help more families in need of affordable housing improve their health, well-being, and financial stability through owning a home with an affordable mortgage.

The importance of affordable housing and homeownership

According to a recent report from the Utah State Legislature, Utah’s housing shortage is getting worse. Our home prices are rising at a faster rate than the national average. And at the same time, building permits have decreased. In Summit and Wasatch counties, we’ve seen that the need for affordable housing keeps growing. 

Studies have shown that housing insecurity negatively impacts families, particularly children, leading to health issues, emotional problems, and a lack of access to educational opportunities. When families can find a stable, permanent home, it supports children’s development by reducing stress and financial instability. It provides a stable foundation that enables families to create a better life. This, in turn, strengthens the communities around them. 

Through the Home Is the Key campaign, Habitat makes the dream of homeownership a reality for more families. 

How Habitat’s Home Is the Key campaign supports homeownership

Obtaining safe, affordable housing changes lives, but not everybody has the same access due to structural inequality in the U.S. housing market. Habitat is working hard to make access to homeownership more equitable and inclusive. Home Is the Key helps to break cycles of injustice in the housing market, allowing more families to create a better life for themselves through affordable housing. 

Through the Home Is the Key campaign, Habitat for Humanity works to bring opportunity to concentrated areas of poverty and increase affordable housing options near public transportation and the places where people work. We are raising awareness about the importance of homeownership and the safety and security it brings to families and communities. But we need your help too.

How You Can Help

When you support the Home Is the Key campaign, you open the door to helping families build stability, independence, and intergenerational wealth through homeownership. Help us make communities more welcoming to everybody by making a donation to Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties.


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