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Building Better Lives by Budgeting

The Importance of Home in Creating a Better Life/Holiday Budgeting Habitat for Humanity Wasatch

Our mission is to help build better lives by helping families achieve a safe, stable home environment. Because a home is the bedrock of individual and family well-being. A home provides a sanctuary where family members thrive, children grow, and communities prosper. It is a place where memories are made, traditions are passed down, and futures take shape.

Studies show that when families have a secure home environment, they can focus on other issues like education, health, and financial security. And 2024 is a great time to think about your family’s financial future. 

If you’re like most Americans, your budget may have been stretched a bit at the end of 2023, thanks to the holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation, the average shopper was forecasted to spend about $875 on gifts, decorations, food, and other holiday items, up $42 from 2022.

Those extra dollars spent on festive memories may leave you and your family looking to trim up extra spending this next quarter. As you embark on your budgeting journey for 2024, consider incorporating these tips to help you manage your finances, stretch your budget, and achieve your financial goals.

Brush Up on Budgeting Techniques

One key to being a successful homeowner is smart budgeting. We are proud families partner with us to develop a budget plan that works for their income and expenses, and there are several tips that anyone can use to create a budget that balances needs and wants. 

Start by tracking expenses for a few months to see where your money is going. Be thorough and realistic, including all necessary categories such as bills, groceries, transportation, and savings. 

Then, consider if you may need to make cuts on non-essential expenses. This could involve reevaluating subscription services, dining out less, or finding ways to save on utilities to reach your short and long-term financial goals. 

One important strategy is to build savings goals—even if it’s just a few dollars each month—so you can start to prepare for unexpected expenses or future investments. Having three to six months' worth of living expenses set aside can provide a financial safety net in case of unexpected events.

Then, regularly review your budget to ensure that changes in your income, expenses, or financial goals are taken into account.

Educate Yourself

Stay informed about personal finance strategies and investment opportunities. The more you understand managing your money, the better you’ll be equipped to make sound financial decisions.

Throughout the year, we regularly host free educational classes regarding budgeting tips and other financial seminars like goal setting and investing to help make your dollars work hard for you and your family. Email to get notifications on future classes in 2024.

Our financial literacy course, She Means Business, focusing on women’s relationships with money, will return this spring.

Sign Up for the ReStore Rewards Program

Even if you’re pinching a few pennies, you might find you need to replace and upgrade necessary household items over the coming year. You’ll be excited to know that the Park City ReStore not only offers 50-90% off many of your household needs, but has also recently launched a rewards program. The program gives you access to exclusive coupons and rewards. 

Our ReStore Rewards program not only saves you money but also benefits local families by providing fellow community members with a chance at homeownership. 

Sign up for ReStore Rewards in the Park City store and get your exclusive discounts sent directly to you. Every time you shop with us, you’ll be making a direct impact in our community because all profits go towards Habitat for Humanity and local families in need of affordable housing. Join today and be a part of our mission to build better communities.

Help Summit and Wasatch County Families Build Better Lives

“Home is where the heart is,” goes the timeless adage, and this sentiment is the cornerstone of our mission. The concept of ‘home’ extends far beyond mere brick and mortar; it is the very foundation upon which lives are built and dreams are realized. 

We work tirelessly to make affordable housing accessible and recognize that a decent home acts as a catalyst for positive change. We create not just structures but homes that resonate with warmth and possibility. And those homes empower individuals and families to build a solid foundation upon which they can build a brighter future.


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