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Building Strong Communities with Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties

Building Strong Communities with Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties

At Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties, our goal is to build strong communities for everyone who lives here. As more and more people flock to Park City and surrounding areas for scenic beauty, access to outdoor recreation, and a thriving economy, the need for affordable housing and community development has grown exponentially. Our work as a nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping people build and own their own homes, and become thriving, active members of their community, creating stronger, more sustainable futures.

Learn more about our commitment to building strong communities in Park City, Summit County and Wasatch County and how you can get involved in this important work.

Affordable Housing for Working Families

Our main focus is to provide affordable housing to families who work in our communities. We seek to make a safe and comfortable environment for children to attend school and enriching activities while parents are able to participate in meaningful work near their own homes and engage in all aspects of their community with their family members. Habitat homes are built with the help of volunteers, donations, and community partners, making it possible for families to own their own homes without the burden of unaffordable mortgage payments.

In Summit and Wasatch Counties, where the cost of living is exorbitantly high, Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing projects have been and continue to be a great success. Families who have previously struggled to find safe, affordable, and permanent housing can now have a home they can call their own, which provides stability and a sense of belonging in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of our community development efforts. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their skill level or experience. Among the many proojects you can take on as a volunteer include construction work, fundraising, and donation campaigns, working at ReStore, serving on event committees, and advocating for affordable housing policies.

Volunteering with us is not only a great way to give back to your community, but it’s also a fun and rewarding experience. You get to meet new people, learn new skills, and make a difference in the lives of families who need it the most.

Engaging the Community

We strongly believe that building strong communities doesn’t end with affordable housing. We also work to get the community involved in promoting a culture of neighborliness and support as well as engagement and responsibility.

In Summit and Wasatch Counties, we have partnered with various organizations and businesses to organize events that bring community members together, fostering social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

Look for us during summer parades, our winter holiday tree show and this spring’s groundbreaking!

Strengthening Affordable Housing Policies

Our work only begins with building homes. We also advocate for policies that encourage affordable housing and community development. By working with government officials and local leaders, we fight against unjust housing discrimination practices and help influence policies that address the needs of working families throughout the region.

We are advocates of zoning policies that encourage mixed-income housing and work closely with developers and builders to meet local requirements. These efforts help ensure that Park City and Wasatch County remain affordable and welcoming to all those who keep these communities active and diverse.

In 2024, we worked with the four other Utah Habitat for Humanity affiliates, as well as the Utah Housing Coalition and others, to advocate for funding going directly to building more affordable housing across our state.

In addition, our affiliate joined Habitat for Humanity International for February’s Habitat on the Hill, where our envoy met with U.S. Representative Blake Moore, other lawmakers and staff asking them to act and invest in our nation's affordable housing supply through the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act and vital housing and community development federal programs.

Help Build Strong Communities

Our dedication to building strong communities in Summit and Wasatch Counties is reflected in the success of our affordable housing projects and community development efforts. Our work isn’t possible without the support of Homeownership Program participants, volunteers, community partners, and donors who share the vision of a world where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.

By getting involved with Habitat for Humanity Summit and Wasatch Counties, you can help make a difference in your community and the lives of many families. Whether you volunteer, donate, or advocate, you can be a part of the solution to create more sustainable and inclusive communities in Park City and surrounding areas.

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