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A Closer Look at How We Select Families to Help

A Closer Look at How We Select Families to Help

Habitat for Humanity of  Summit and Wasatch Counties aims to help as many families as possible participate in the Homeownership Program each year. The program helps local families build healthy, energy-efficient, and affordable homes in the communities they live, play, and work in. Many people are familiar with our mission, but do you actually know how we select families to help? Today, we’ll delve into the selection process we use to help build homes for families in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

How Our Process Works

The first step is to submit an application during the open application window. To be alerted when future application windows open, please email us. As construction continues on our Silver Creek Village homes, more opportunities will open up in the Homeownership Program. To learn more about the selection process, you can watch this short video.


Housing Need

We give priority to families who currently live in substandard or overcrowded housing. Families who currently live in shared properties, pay unsustainable rent prices or who experience other housing hardships also receive consideration during the application review process. 

Income and Need Assessments

Our selection process looks at several factors, starting with the family’s financial need, which is evaluated through an income assessment. This assessment is an in-depth review of the family’s income, debts, and living expenses. Habitat for Humanity then verifies the information on credit reports, tax returns, and bank statements. The family must fall within a certain income range which in our area is 30-80% of the Area Median Income* (AMI). Additionally, we review the family’s ability to financially manage and maintain their home upon completion.

Residency/Local Connections

In Summit County, at least one member of a family must work full-time in Summit County. Families may also qualify if they receive income through retirement and/or disability payments. We also consider if families have already been living in the area and have strong ties to the local community. 

Willingness to Partner 

Also important is the willingness to work hand-in-hand with us through the entire process. This means providing “sweat equity” and working with our partners to build their own home and other homes in their community. Other requirements, such as completing financial literacy and homeownership classes, are also necessary.

Habitat for Humanity homes are safe, affordable, and sustainable. We look to select families who are committed to living in their homes and staying in the community long-term.

A Place to Call Home

Knowing how we select the families who earn a Habitat for Humanity home provides transparency and direction for supporters and benefactors in Summit and Wasatch Counties. 

Habitat for Humanity’s selection process is thorough, consistent, and ensures that families meet the organization’s criteria for safe, stable, and affordable housing. Through this selection process, we help transform our communities and help families enjoy a place to call home. With the help of volunteers, donors, and supporters, we will continue providing families in Summit and Wasatch Counties with opportunities to achieve their dreams of homeownership.


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